Saudi Water Technology(SWT) – Al-Bassam Petroleum Equipment Company

Saudi Water Technology (SWT) is a member of Al Bassam group of companies and one of the pioneers in the water and waste water treatment applications in the area. We are a leading supplier and whole sale distributor of wide spectrum of water treatments systems, components and spare parts. Our activities ranges from small bracket mounted water treatment systems to large scale and industrial custom built plants. SWT has tackled the tough nature of water treatment projects by using up to date technologies. Our unexcelled services and products quality have been the Key to success and growth


SWT’s Main objective is to provide complete and efficient water and wastewater treatment systems combined with superior engineering capabilities to assure the quality of our products and services. Saudi water technology utilizes speed and accuracy to the world of water treatment activities and provides cost effective solutions that satisfies our customer’s needs.


The Key to our success is a young highly qualified and multi disciplinary team. SWT highly trained and well-experienced engineers and technicians abreast of current developments provide a unique standard to SWT’s capabilities to confront problems in the water treatment applications. Thus, our team and the flexibility of range of equipment offer a state-of-the-art design and superior quality that establishes competitiveness in the world of water treatment.
Reverse Osmosis Systems and Membranes Proceses

Sea water, brackish water RO systems




Ion Exchange Systems

Cation and anion ion exchange units

Mixed beds

Sodium cycle softeners


Clarification Equipment

Filtration and Pre-treatment Equipment

Pressure filtration

Multi-Media, Activated Carbon, Iron Removal

Ultraviolet and Ozonation

Chlorination and Disinfection

Pumps and Dosing Systems Waste Water Treatment Systems

Specialty and Commodity Water Treatment Chemicals


Long-Term Maintenance Contracts

Frequent Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Feasibility Studies

Process Design and Engineering

Projects Installation and Commissioning

Full Laboratory Control Over Water and Waste water Quality

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