Industrial Support Service – Al-Bassam Petroleum Equipment Company

ISS is a distinguished & leading inspection services company in the Kingdom and targeted in providing wide range of Inspection services as well as laboratory services with high quality at reasonable prices and in a timely manner. We are committed to improve the quality of our services by continual up-gradation. ISS has been providing testing services since 1983. Our client list includes Saudi Aramco, Saudi Chevron, SECO, SABIC, SASREF, and Luberef to name a few..

Our Mission

We are committed to serve and support the industrial sectors by providing the widest range possible of quality industrial inspection and NDT services. We rely on a group of self-motivated and professional staff to perform these services; staff whom we believe to be our most valuable asset and to whose continual improvement we are wholly committed.

Our Vission

Our vision is to be recognized as the best provider of intelligent inspection solutions. We will achieve this by relying on the safest, most accurate, and most time and cost effective hi-tech techniques. Our motto is “working together with our clients to achieve excellence in industrial reliability”. Form more information visit

ank Floor Bottoms Scanning using Low Frequency Electromagnetic Testing (LFET) method – Using Falcon 2000 instrument of TesTex Inc.

USABEETLE -UT Thickness measuring of tank walls without scaffolding

Vacuum box leak detection


Radiography using X-ray / Gamma ray

Radiography of weld joint, Profile shots for corrosion monitoring, ASME Code pressure vessels, Piping as per API 1104, ASME B31.3/31.1, Pipelines, Radiography of Tanks etc.

Filmless radiography


Thickness Gauging using Thickness gauge, Thickness gauge with ‘A’ Scan

High Temp. UT / Thickness Measurement

UT Scanning for Corrosion


Metallurgical services – Using The Welding Institute, U.K.

Training & certification on NDT, Welding Inspection & Radiographic Film Interpretation.

Software assistance for Mechanical Plant Integrity – Through TWI U.K.

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